How’s your balance?

Straw bales on Mendip-047This Tuesday, 23rd September, saw the autumn equinox for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere – a time when day and night are in equal measure, a time when the sun is right over the equator and a perfect time to think about balance.

As much as we humans like to think that we have dominion over this planet, we’re still animals and we still instinctively feel the influence of the changing seasons. As the nights start to draw in, we tend to want to stay closer to home, maybe curling up with a box set and a glass of red. Our ancestors knew that this was the time to give thanks for the bounty of the summer months and start to gather in the harvest that had been carefully cultivated during the warmer weather. The equinox was a time to take stock, celebrate the light and warmth and prepare for the darkness and the cold.

We are at the seasonal equivalent of a pendulum in the exact middle of its swing or that moment at the top or bottom of a breath, neither breathing in or breathing out: a very brief pause in momentum when we are exactly between one thing and another.

And, when we are in this brief equinox pause, what better time to reflect on our own balance?

man on tightropeTake some time to breathe and just to notice where you are in the pendulum’s swing between work and play; flow and struggle; alone time and social time; reaping and sowing; happiness and sadness; motion and stillness. Close your eyes, breathe easily and deeply and feel into what’s going on for you right now. Don’t judge – just notice. Do it now.

Give your intuition the chance to tell you what needs to shift. Journaling may help. Talking it through with a partner, friend or coach can also get you clearer on how to get your balance back and find your centre again.

Happy equinox, and do get in touch if you want some help to find your balance again.


photo credit: Flipsy via photopin cc

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