Are you thinking about moving?

relocationDo you pore over travel and foreign property magazines, imagining your ideal life somewhere else?

Have you always yearned to move overseas but never quite got there? Perhaps you know exactly where it is you want to be.

Or maybe your circumstances dictate that you have to move away or live abroad but you don’t really feel emotionally prepared to go?

There are myriad books, magazines and TV programmes out there packed with advice about the nuts and bolts of relocating and moving abroad – buying and selling property, packing, legal issues etc – but very little time is spent on the emotional side of a big move. People like friends and family, who would normally be your primary source of support, probably don’t want you to leave them behind and so find it hard to be completely impartial and supportive.

Sometimes, people make the choice to move away or go abroad for the wrong reasons. They might be escaping a lacklustre career or relationship, for example, and see moving abroad as their emergency exit strategy. Or they might be trying to simplify their life and don’t realise that they have unreasonable expectations of their new life. This can result in an expensive and emotionally draining mistake.

Often it is difficult to talk about moving with loved ones – you may feel you can’t ‘play’ with ideas without being seen to have made a decision, or you might be worried about how your listener would be affected by your move and feel that you have to shield him or her from your true thoughts.

During our time together you will have the space and time to explore your feelings and motivations about relocating without any of these worries. Depending on your circumstances, you will identify whether moving away is the right choice for you, where you want to be, when you want to be there and what needs to be in place for you to make the move smoothly and with the minimum of pain.

Together, we will design the life you want and the location you want to live it in and we’ll put a plan together to get you there.



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