Managing Overwhelm

Do you find yourself squeezing your life into ever smaller pockets of time around your work?

Managing overwhelmDo your friends and family only ever get to see you, spent, at the scrag-ends of the day? Is it difficult to leave work at a reasonable hour, either because you have so much to do or because of peer pressure?

Perhaps you work from home and the boundaries between work and domestic life have blurred unrecognisably, so you feel you can never truly ‘switch off’?

With ever-more demand on us at work and at home, it’s very easy to feel as though you’re attempting that old circus trick of spinning lots of different plates on poles all at the same time. You’re running round, desperate to keep the momentum going and it all feels precariously on the verge of a cacophony of breaking crockery. You find yourself loading the washing machine at midnight, snapping at your partner and realising as you set the alarm that it’s due to go off in far less than 8 hours’ time…

Coaching gives you breathing space.

During our sessions we can look at your current routine, where it’s working and where it isn’t. What’s important and what’s just habit.  Where’s your you time, your family time, your couple time. What you would love to fit in and what you would love to cut out. We can work together on boundary setting, prioritising and working more efficiently. We can get your life back.

Imagine… getting home earlier, having more playtime with the kids, being able to chat with your partner leisurely over dinner (and not just moaning about how tired you are!), getting more done at work, setting a healthy precedent for your colleagues, starting or developing a hobby or sport, knowing you can relax, getting enough sleep…

Call me, and let’s work on it together.


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