Feeling good about yourself

Do you suffer from low self-esteem?


Do you apologise for your perceived shortcomings or put yourself down in front of other people? Do you speak to and about yourself in a negative way?

It’s surprising how many people put themselves down on an almost constant basis, and speak about themselves in a way they wouldn’t about someone they disliked intensely. Often, it’s a learned defence mechanism (get in the negative comment before someone else does and it’s easier to handle). Sometimes, it’s a call for reassurance (‘please tell me I’m not so bad as I’m making myself out to be’), but whatever the cause, the effect is that each time you say negative things about yourself you are disempowering yourself, and potentially dimming others’ perception of you.

What would happen if your self-talk was positive and you felt happy with yourself? What would you do differently? How would you act? How would you dress? How would you feel? I imagine ‘great’ comes fairly high up the list!

We can work together to make feeling great in your own skin a reality for you. Once that feeling is in place, the world becomes your oyster and we can have some fun working out what you will do with your new-found fantastic self-esteem.



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