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Copy Coaching

Why is having copy coaching better than just getting you to write it for me?

A good copywriter will certainly write you some great content. However, there are several reasons that copy coaching is different:

  • Your passion for your business will come through authentically, using your own words.
  • Going through the copy coaching process will empower you to write more of your own content independently, as I will show you tips and techniques that you can use in the future.
  • A copywriter will need to know exactly what you want to say to whom, and how. If you’re not sure what you want already, I can coach you through the process.
  • Often, amazing business ideas are born in copy coaching sessions.
  • It’s fun!

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What happens in a copy coaching session?

First, I get you to put your pen and paper or laptop down, as it is vitally important that you think outside of ‘what shall I write?’ Then we get chatting about you and your business: what you love about your work; your favourite sort of client; what you offer, and anything else that gets you fired up about what you do. I take copious notes during our conversation and then, together, we get busy crafting what you have said into some great content tailored to your needs.

You can also use a copy coaching session to work on your blog, newsletter or social media profile, brainstorming ideas, strategies and writing styles.

Oh, and we’ll probably drink quite a lot of tea during the process. Contact me.

What do I need to bring with me to a copy coaching session?

Any ideas you might have already had and an open mind. You do not need to have clear plans about exactly what you need to write (although it’s great if you do!), as these will develop during our session. You are welcome to bring a laptop, although you do not need one as I will email our work to you. Contact me.

What will we achieve in a copy coaching session?

After three hours, you will come out fully caffeinated, having written the first draft of your copy (one session is usually enough for a small website, a brochure or a blogging strategy). I will send you all the notes via email and we will work together on polishing it after the session. You will also have a lot of material that you can ‘recycle’ into mission statements, 60 second networking pitches, social media posts or similar. And a huge thing ticked off your to-do list! Contact me.

Where does copy coaching take place?

At your home or a quiet cafe or hotel within half an hour’s drive from Worthing. Further than this is possible but will incur a travel charge. Contact me.

Can you help me with my blog or newsletter?

Absolutely! Whether it’s ideas you want, a helping hand to get you started or someone to look over your writing before you post it, I can help. You can attend my blogging or newsletter workshops or I can work 1:1 with you, whichever suits you best. And my copy checking service will give you peace of mind when you send your thoughts out into cyberspace. Contact me.

Could you check copy that I’ve written before I post it?

Yes! I offer a copy checking service to do just that, from £15 a month. Contact me to find out more.

How much does 1:1 copy coaching cost?

A three-hour 1:1 copy coaching session costs £180. This includes email support afterwards to polish your words to perfection. There is a 15% concession for members of The Mumpreneurs Networking Club. Contact me.

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