4 surprising ways you can use technology to help you get what you want

I_DSC0430 (1)t’s easy to get what you want using the internet, right? You just decide what you would like and then pop over to amazon, eBay or similar, order the goods, et voila, they appear on your doorstep a couple of days later.

But I’m not talking here about an album download, holiday read or a new pair of Converse. I mean the stuff you really want that can’t be obtained by a few clicks on PayPal. To find your perfect partner maybe, start that business you’ve been talking about for ages or finish writing your book.

Whatever you want, the good news is I’ve got 4 free fabulous technology tips that will help you reach these bigger goals. They’re fuss- and cost-free too. You’re welcome 🙂

1. Use your passwords to keep you focused

This is a great trick I read about recently on Lifehacker. Most of us need to use a password to get into our phone, computer or favourite website several times a day. So why not multitask and use the password to reinforce your resolve or boost your self-esteem? You could try ilookf@bul0us, Write3pages! or Breathe@d33ply. Or, if you’re prone to losing hours on social media, why not try changing your account password to something like w@stingmyt1me?

This tip works best if the password is changed around once a month so that it doesn’t get stale. It has extra power if you say the message out loud as you type (although that may bring up some security issues if you share your workspace!)

2. Set your goals as reminders on your phone

You can set the reminders to flash up randomly or maybe at the time you know you will be planning your day’s activities. You can keep things simple with just one clear message or get clever and set short, medium and long-term goals, or things you are aiming for in several areas.

Here’s the key – when you receive the reminder, stop for a second and consider whether the thing you are doing right now or are about to do is getting you closer or further away from what you want. But don’t get your head too up your bum about it – the idea is it’s a gentle reminder, not a nag!

3. Use Pinterest to create a vision board

You can set up boards on Pinterest so that they can only be seen by you and add inspirational and aspirational pictures and links that relate to what you want to achieve. The beauty of this tip is that your vision board is always with you – on your phone, on your laptop, on your tablet – and you can whip it out and whip yourself up even if you’re standing in a supermarket queue.

4. Use a cycle tracker app to boost your productivity

This one is really just for female readers (sorry guys), but downloading a menstrual cycle tracker on your laptop or phone (or diary, if you’re old-school ;-)) is super helpful for getting things done and getting what you want quicker as a result. Generally speaking, days 1-7 are best for insight and analysis but not for being around people, days 8-20 are good for whizzing through things, travel, networking and being social, and days 21-28 are brilliant for creativity and inspiration but you won’t be at your most patient. Just knowing this makes the hugest difference and can be invaluable for planning. Try it and see!

Have you ever tried any of these tips? What were the results? Got any other hacks along these lines? Do leave a comment.

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4 surprising ways you can use technology to help you get what you want — 2 Comments

  1. Another great blog. Always a treat to read!
    There’s 2 I use regularly. Recently my hubbies been getting into using Pinterest to get ideas for our youngest’s birthday party. Great way to use the tech. X

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