If this is the answer, what is the question?


question-mark-largeIf you have ever seen the BBC comedy panel show, Mock the Week, you will know about the game ‘if this is the answer, what is the question?’ If you haven’t seen the show, you’ve missed a treat, I highly recommend you catch up with it as soon as possible, and this is how the game works: the host, Dara O’Briain, asks a guest to pick a category, then gives them an answer and the panellists give funny potential questions to the answer, eventually coming up with the right one and gaining a point.

(There’s a new series just started at the time of writing – do go and check out what I mean as I’ve tried several times now to write an example for you and it just dies, like when you have to explain a joke…)

After watching last week’s show, I was thinking about this game. I wondered what the question would be if the answer was my life, my business or my day so far. It seemed a novel way round of looking at things.

Books about the Law of Attraction such as The Secret and E-Squared posit the theory that we can shape and manifest events, people and material goods into our lives by being clear what we want, sending out a message of intention and acting as if we already have the thing that we’ve just ordered so that it pops into our lives: ask the question; get the answer. They say that this happens whether or not we believe in the Law, so that everything we do, have or experience reflects the thoughts we have had about it: get the answer; wonder what the question you unintentionally asked was.

Let’s try this on for a while and look at something about your life right now. It could be your job, your relationship, your commute this morning, your friends, or your financial situation. Whatever you pick, ask yourself ‘if this is the answer, what is (was) the question?’ and write your thoughts down. Don’t take it too seriously – the panellists on Mock the Week certainly don’t. Write down everything that pops into your head, and throw in some mad stuff too. What were the thought processes, beliefs and events that led to where you are now? What values have shaped your decisions? Is this the answer you want? Can you change the question? What will the question be tomorrow or next week? What do you hope the answer will be? Play around and see what happens.

And if you get too much into your head, take a break and watch an episode of Mock the Week (but not in front of the kids – it gets a bit rude sometimes!)


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