11 things I learned last month

vlogsAs I mentioned in an earlier blog, I very recently took part in the vlogging challenge #SSSVEDA (savvysexysocial.com’s Vlog Every Day in April). As the name suggests, the challenge was to vlog every single day of the month, with a suggested topic prompt for each day. The aim was to get used to being in front of the camera and to take away the fear so that when the muse strikes you to vlog a groundbreaking idea or to do some mindblowing video PR, you’ll be in a better place to do just that. It appealed to me because it challenged my comfort zone, but during the course of the month I’ve learned waaaaaaay more than I expected to. Here are some of my top findings about life, technology and myself – some silly, some serious, all thanks to VEDA:

1. The importance of sustainability

VEDA is a great example of something I talk about regularly with clients – making sure that your plan is actually likely to happen in real life. Whether it’s changing your eating habits, starting a blog or vlogging every day in April, you need to be aware of your lifestyle and your time/money/energy budgets in order to be able to make a realistic commitment. Going away to a place without wifi for a fortnight in the middle of VEDA? It’s probably not going to happen. Either go in with a compromised version in mind or wait for another time that is more suited.

2. Knowing what will be ‘good enough’

Of course we want things to be perfect. But it was the people who started VEDA with painstakingly edited vlogs who were (generally) the first to drop out. As in the point above, it simply wasn’t sustainable for them to do that every day for a month. I decided that every day I would get something out there, even if it was very rough round the edges. For me, it was about the commitment, the community and the challenge. And being positive, not perfect of course! The funny thing was, that gave my creativity more room when I did have some extra time or inspiration to do something a bit different. As I had given myself a ‘good enough’, then anything extra was a bonus, not a pressure. Whether it’s VEDA or life in general, knowing what is ‘good enough’ is a great blessing.

3. I frown a lot more than I thought I did

Particularly in the sunshine. Oh dear, better investigate Botox… 😉

4. The importance of being kind to yourself if you slip up

Again, as with VEDA, so with many things in life. If you eat a cake http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com whilst you’re on your diet, if you miss a week or a month of your blog or if you don’t vlog one day, it doesn’t have to mean you quit. I noticed several people on the #SSSVEDA twitter feed declaring that they had ‘let it slide’ and therefore weren’t doing it anymore. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

5. It’s possible to do things in ways you might never have imagined

Like vlogging on a rollercoaster or whilst running, for example. Feel for the edges. And then push at them.

6. I can commit to something and see it through!

This might not be all that amazing on the surface of it, but I had a very different story hardwired into my brain for many years. The fact that I’ve completed this challenge without missing a single day is (yet) another nail to bang into the coffin of that very unhelpful self-image.

7. My lucky number

It turns out that, according to numerology, my lucky number is 1. And I’d always thought it was 2.

8. I’m nostalgic about the pre-iPhone times

Even though I’m practically surgically attached to my iPhone, the prompt about what I miss before there were smart phones really got me thinking.

9. There is some amazing technology out there

Like the Splice app, which I used extensively throughout the challenge. Easy peasy, quick and free – what’s not to love?! And I never knew you could record a presentation on PowerPoint either. What I struggled with, however, was the particularly contrary and cantankerous Microsoft Movie Maker. I won’t start ranting here though…

10. Making decisions can be really tough

Favourite comedian? Place you’d most like to visit? Person you’d most like to have a cuppa with? I can’t choose! I’m a Gemini! 😉 When it comes to making important decisions though, you need a sounding board. I may be no good at deciding on my own fluffy stuff, but I’m very good at helping you make up your mind on a tricky conundrum.

11. YouTube will always choose the 3 most unflattering frames of your video as suggested thumbnails

‘Nuff said.


So it’s another huge thank you to Amy Schmittauer of savvysexysocial.com for helping me expand my comfort zones! If you like the idea of VEDA, there’s another one in August – check out her website closer to the time and sign up.

Have you committed to something and seen it through? Or have you ever had to quit something because it wasn’t sustainable for you to carry on? What lessons did you learn? I’d love to hear – please let me know in the comments.

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