How to Rise Again from Death by Easter Overwhelm

A completely gratuitous cute chick pic. Had to be done.

A completely gratuitous cute chick pic. Had to be done.

Easter is great, isn’t it? A four day weekend, kids off school for a fortnight, the sun is starting to make a more committed appearance and trees are abloom. Oh, and there’s an abundance of chocolate.

But four day weekends and children at home come with a high price for the average working person. Ten days of workload have to be squeezed into eight, and if you work from home and you are a parent it gets even trickier as you have smalls to entertain as well.

Adding catering for visitors, organising Easter egg hunts and maybe attending church, and suddenly the four day ‘rest’ seems like a recipe for overwhelm.

Here are 5 ways to rise again from death by Easter overwhelm:

1. Do some radical prioritising

Is the world really going to fall apart if you don’t put out your newsletter this week? Will the twitterverse miss you all that much if you don’t schedule any tweets? Deadlines are deadlines of course, and those need to be attended to first, but anything else can be a candidate for being shelved for a few days. Ask yourself what would be the worst that could happen if you didn’t do it at all or if it was a bit late. If the answer is ‘nothing much’ then give yourself permission to stop stressing out about it.

2. Set clear boundaries

Know exactly what time you are going to finish work for the weekend. If you have to do work over the weekend (having to and feeling compelled to are different, by the way), then know the precise times you will be working from and to, and make them sacrosanct. Do not allow any blurring of the work/home boundaries just for this Easter weekend, and see what happens.

3. Make a realistic plan for the week ahead

It’s horrible to contemplate the huge backlog of stuff to do that will greet you when you get back to work from a break. So, after your radical prioritising, plan your first days back carefully with a do-able amount of work. That way, you can clock off for the weekend knowing that you won’t be having to face a fresh set of overwhelm on Tuesday morning because it’s all already planned out.

4. Turn on autoresponders and turn off notifications on your phone

Pretty self-explanatory. Go cold turkey on your work communication. If you absolutely have to stay in contact, set yourself exact times that you are allowed to check (as in point 2) and don’t get sucked in.

5. Relax and enjoy

Get out into the sunshine as much as you can. Focus on friends and family without having an ear out for your email notifications. Don’t use this non-work time to catch up on household chores either. Allow yourself to chill out properly and you will reap the rewards in renewed creativity and energy when you get back.


Have a fabulous Easter weekend y’all. Let me know what you’ll be up to in the comments (but don’t be surprised if I don’t get back to you until Tuesday… 😉 )


How to Rise Again from Death by Easter Overwhelm — 2 Comments

  1. Great post Claire. This Easter holiday has been tricky for me because hubby was at work all last week and in Ireland all this week. I’ve been working crazy hours but I DID have the foresight to book my youngest into holiday club so that has helped tremendously. I can’t go cold turkey and abandon my clients but I am setting aside family time and chill out time 🙂 and I’m looking forward to a great day out tomorrow with the kids! Happy Easter Claire xx

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