And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? 2013 draws to a close and this week is spent in a flurry of tying up work for the holidays, food shopping and excavating the spare room in preparation for visitors, it’s easy to be so busy rushing through everything that you don’t get the chance to reflect on the year that is ending.

In less than a fortnight we will be into 2014, with the excesses of Christmas behind us. Magazines and posters will scream ‘New Year New You!’ messages, as if the ‘Old You’ has not passed the test. January can seem long and grey on its own without the misery of extreme detoxing or other punitive resolution brought on by post-overindulgence self-loathing.

That’s why now, just before the festive frenzy, is the perfect time to squeeze in a review of the year and to use it to inform your plans for the one ahead.

Much like the weekly review, a year review gives you the chance to celebrate what you have achieved, examine what hasn’t worked so well, review your big goals and work out what you need to focus on next. It can be as sketchy or as in-depth as you want it to be; written out or discussed with a friend or colleague. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What were your hopes, dreams or goals for 2013? Did it turn out as you expected?
  •  What have you done that you have been really proud of?
  •  What else have you achieved this year? Write a ‘got-done’ list.
  •  What made you laugh this year? What made you cry?
  •  Who have you met this year, and how have they influenced what you have done?
  •  What have been some of the biggest challenges of 2013? How did you handle them? Would you do it differently if you had to do it again?
  •  What could you not have predicted would have happened, this time last year?
  •  Who has been your biggest supporter this year?
  •  Who has been an energy drain?
  •  Describe your 2013 in a sentence.
  •  What aspects of 2013 would you like to leave behind you?
  •  What aspects of 2013 would you like to carry forward into 2014?


Keep it light – this is not an exercise in guilt or regret, but a fond farewell to the year and all it has brought you and taught you. Enjoy the process of laying some great foundations for the New Year.

I’ll be writing more about building onto these foundations before the year is out. If you think you would like some help with your life or business going forward into 2014, do get in touch to book in a consultation call for January.

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