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Welsh hillsideThere’s nothing like being up a Welsh hillside for a few days if you want to get perspective on your life. I recently left my life as a mum, coach, writer, speaker, networking group manager and general busy person, behind me for a few days to celebrate my friend’s 40th in the middle of nowhere. As well as great company, beautiful scenery, a roaring log fire and about half a stone from the yummy food and wine, here are some things I gained from my time away:

A reminder of how wonderful it is to be alive. Watching the plethora of newborn lambs playing and frolicking on the hillside, quite literally full of the joys of spring, is a great way of remembering to appreciate the very miracle of your existence. Take some time to enjoy the spring sunshine; dance; run; sing – be excited by life all over again, no matter how much is on your to-do list.

The importance of disconnecting in order to connect. As a self-confessed phone junkie, I find having patchy to no signal very difficult, as does my friend (he of 40th birthday fame). However, once we had got over the irritation of not being able to update our statuses, check our emails or Instagram our pictures, our connection to our friends and each other, the nature surrounding us, and the present, was noticeably strengthened. I’m going to attempt to switch off for one day a week from now – could you?

A fresh perspective on my children. I was away for 5 nights, which is the longest I have ever been away from my daughters. Whilst I in no way doubted my love for them, the daily grind of the school run and the bickering between them had taken its toll of late. Having a break made me see them with new eyes as the funny, loving, wonderful girls they are. It also made me very grateful for my husband and mum who rallied round to make my trip possible. Could you get some new perspective on those who are closest to you? Does it need time away or a fun day out together?

A reminder of how small I am. In the coaching business, we tend to discourage ‘thinking small’, in the sense of not daring to dream big. However, being surrounded by snow-dusted mountains, an endless cinematic sky with the ability to see millions of stars in the inky darkness, is a great inducer of awe and a stark contrast to the smallness of our physical selves. This can be overwhelming, but I choose to think of it as a reminder of how fleeting we are in the eyes of the universe and how we should stop taking ourselves so seriously and set about making our time on this planet count for something. It also helps to get ‘big problems’ into perspective when you look at them from this scale.

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