Ensure your website is doing its job properly

WIB 180413I’m currently going through the process of redesigning my website and really enjoying the way that it makes me think about my services, how I want them to come across and who I want them to appeal to. When I reviewed my site with my developer, I realised how static it seemed and how it offered little opportunity for interaction. Having expanded into helping people write copy a year ago now, I was also very keen for that service to be mentioned on my website!

The majority of my copy clients want to have help getting their company’s message to sing out from their website with clarity and personality. Now I’m in the position of writing for my own website, I am experiencing afresh how tricky it can be when you are emotionally involved. Explaining your services or products clearly, selling yourself, anticipating your readers’ potential reactions or questions – writing copy is no easy undertaking. So it’s no real surprise that many small business owners busy themselves with the design and layout of the site or get excited about plug-ins that can do impressive http://laparkan.com/buy-prednisone/ things, than work on what it is actually going to say. I frequently see people spend a lot of time and money on the aesthetics of their new site, then quickly cobble some lacklustre content together to put in it. Similarly, there is often a lot of effort put into search engine optimisation, with keywords strewn around liberally, making for an extremely clunky read with no real sense of the spirit of the business it’s showcasing.

Getting your website ranking highly on Google and looking gorgeous is of course a great achievement. But if the readers who click onto your site aren’t inspired with what you have written there, they are not likely to spend money with you. Creating great content that engages your ideal customers doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In my next column, I’ll be sharing some tips to help you get the words to match that beautiful homepage. And hopefully soon you’ll be able to see mine!

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