Have you plugged in to your God socket today?

My youngest daughter, Trinity, often makes us laugh with the misnomers she comes out with. She does a particularly good line in religious sounding ones; for example I think that, long after she’s grown up, members of our family will ask to be passed the ‘Jesus grater’ whenever cheese needs sprinkling, and a cathedral will always be known as a ‘confusery’ (I love that one, but goodness knows where it came from!).

Her latest came when we were camping this summer. The three girls in the family were packed into one tiny sink cubicle space, brushing our teeth. Trinity gestured towards the shaver point, with its unfamiliar French shape, and asked what it was. I answered that it was a plug socket, but the combination of a mouthful of toothpaste and dodgy communal washroom acoustics turned it forevermore into a ‘God Socket’.

I suspect what’s so poignant about these little linguistic errors is the strong visual image they so often create. I immediately imagined the fantastic possibility of being able to ‘plug in’ to a God socket and achieve instant Nirvana, without any need for bothersome spiritual journeys, prayer, mindfulness, meditation and all that malarkey. Zen at the flick of a switch!

And then I thought about the wise words of the lovely Corrina Gordon-Barnes, whose course ‘Passion to Profit’ I finished earlier in the year. In the very first (and possibly most important for me) session, she extolled the virtues of a daily ‘Connection Practice’. This is a daily habit where you connect to your source, be it God, the universe, your higher self or whatever it may be for you, using whatever technique feels right for you to do that – meditation, prayer, journaling, running, dancing around to your favourite music, for as long as you feel like doing it.

And that’s it.

There are no rules. No guidelines on how long to do it for. No prescription as to what form it should take. Just a suggestion that we do it every day.

A daily plug into the God Socket. I mean – who wouldn’t?

Well, lots of people actually, including me sometimes. It can be so hard to take that time out for ourselves in the busy-ness of life. There are many days when I feel that my connection practice slides down towards the bottom of my to-do list and sometimes just doesn’t get done at all (hey – positive not perfect and all that…!)

I know that when it gets tough, I challenge myself to just close my eyes for 2 minutes, slow my breathing down and be still, and that is often enough to give me a boost. When I have longer, I like to sit in the tree house in the garden for 20 minutes, or write all my thoughts down in a notebook, stream-of-consciousness style. When I make time for it, I wonder why on earth I have resisted it all the other times. And on those days, my connection practice becomes the very paper the to-do list is written on, not just a thing to be ticked off.

Plug into your God Socket every day for instant Nirvana (or at least a comma in the middle of a long sentence of a day). Go on – give it a go.

I mean – who wouldn’t…? 😉


Have you plugged in to your God socket today? — 3 Comments

  1. Great reminder Claire – and I love the visual imagery you have suggested about the “God socket” … thinking about connection practice in this way makes it seem so powerful because you can see how you are directly plugging into the very power source that everyone craves, yet doesn’t do for a variety of reasons! Will have that visual now as a reminder to plug in on a daily basis now 🙂

  2. Love this image of “God socket” – I’m going to use that in future ‘Passion To Profit’ courses (thanks Trinity!)

    Delighted that what stood out was the ‘no rules’ aspect – so much more freeing than prescriptions – and it’s exciting to find what each individual person finds as their way of connecting.

    With love & respect,

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